Logo Jpg2Welcome to “Knights In Shining Armor”

Our company & Our Services are based on the “Knightly” principles of “Chivalry.”


Honor, Courtesy, Fairness, and a Willingness To Help Others.

Our Home Watch Service Inspections are “Comprehensive.” We always take the time to thoroughly inspect every square foot of your home, inside and outside. While some competitors just “Drive-By” and others race in and out of your home in 5 minutes; We will always spend an average of 30 minutes doing a complete inspection on a 1500 square foot home.

We will also report/communicate with you very quickly to make you aware of any concerns that we think are relevant. We normally use pictures which will be either Text Messaged or E-mailed to you immediately. Many of our clients are surprised that we discover situations that need attention that have been unnoticed for months and years.


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