What is the Difference In Our Service?

We believe that the term, “Home Watch” is a misnomer! Unfortunately many providing this service do just that—–they watch your home. If you are lucky they may actually walk through your home and run a faucet or two.  Most Home Watch services spend 5 minutes or less in your home. Is this what you “REALLY” want???



  • We believe that you deserve a “ComprehensiveSTEP BY STEP inspection of your entire home both outside and inside. In most homes, this requires 30-45 minutes OR MORE. Please check out our specifications sheet.
  • We believe you deserve an immediate report informing you of the inspection results.
  • With available technology we will report to you immediately by E-Mail or Text Message; your choice.
  • If any discrepancy is noted, it will be digitally recorded by camera and also sent to you by E-Mail or Text Message.
  • We offer many additional services which you may require, see our Handyman Services list. If we do not perform a particular service such as Air Conditioning; we will recommend a local provider that has been proven to us as reputable and trustworthy.


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