Home Inspection Specifications


Inspection – – Specifications



  1. Exterior Inspection

    1. Perimeter Soil Level Walk-Around.
      1. An inspection of the perimeter soil and horizontal areas adjacent to the home to detect any drainage problems, rodent infestation, breaks/cracks in concrete or pavers, weed growth, etc.
      2. Visual Inspection of Air Conditioning unit for operation, damage, etc.
    2. Home Perimeter Low level Walk-Around.
      1. Inspection of foundation walls, doors, windows, utility wire, AC, and Plumbing orifices to the home to detect any cracks, leaks, vandalism, storm damage, pest activity, storm damage, etc.
    3. Upper Level Exterior Home Inspection:
      1. Inspection of roof tiles, storm gutters, soffet vents, to detect any intrusion of pests, water, or storm damage.
      2. Attention to darkening of roof tiles from mold which requires roof tile cleaning.
    4. Interior Inspection

      1. All room perimeters Inspection INCLUDING Garage.
        1. Special attention to the baseboard area for signs of leaks, mold, pest activity, etc.
        2. Inspection of ceiling/wall joint for cracking, leaks, mold, and spider activity.
  • All windows and doors closely inspected for signs of leaks, forced entry, damage, and assure that locks are locked.
    1. Complete inspection for signs of leaks, cracks, mold, and pest activity.
    2. Notation of operational smoke detectors.
  1. Cabinets & Closets.
    1. Kitchen, Bath, and Laundry room cabinets as well as all closets thoroughly inspected for signs of pests, leaks, aged food, and mold.



    1. All faucets run on both hot & cold settings to maintain P-Trap water levels, lubricate rubber washers, maintain hot water heater full level, and detection of any pest activity or leaks in or near the drains.
    2. Kitchen garbage disposal run with water to clean and maintain lubrication of washers.
  • All commodes flushed, brushed and cleaned to maintain appearance and prevent drying out which can open the sewer lines to rodents, insects, and gas.
    1. Dish Washer inspected and run on rinse “ONCE” per month.
    2. Refrigerator inspected to validate proper operation.
  • Cook Stove and Microwave inspected for any signs of insect activity.
  1. Air Conditioning/Humidistat
    1. Inspect Thermostat and Humidistat to verify setting.
    2. Verify the temp in the home electronically.
  • NOTE** Outside A/C unit inspected during exterior inspection.

Inspect air filter once per month for possible clogging and replacement.

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